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LECTURE - 48 Years Experience Divining in the Field
given by Mr Jim Bourke




The next planned Society event will be a field trip outing to the Furness Estate at the very kind invitation of the Guinness family, on Saturday 29 August. The location is just outside the village of Kill on the Naas dual carrageway. To allow those with cars to accommodate people using public transport, we will all meet in Kill village at 2 pm on the day and proceed to the estate from there, arriving at 2.30 pm.

The estate itself boasts a fine neolithic standing stone and circle enclosure, a very old 'Coptic' church in the woods and many other areas of divining interest. Bring sandwiches etc. rain gear and walking boots, the weather so far this year has been notoriously unreliable.

The last meeting of the Society in June at the Parish Hall at 52 Rathgar Road Dublin 6 was a great success. Our chairman Mr. Jim Bourke gave us a highly informative lecture entitled '48 years divining in the field' , sharing with us his many years experience and painstaking research over the years, particularly in the area of 'black' streams and geopathic stress. A short resume of the lecture is given later in this issue, but to those who missed it I must say that what appears here is but a tiny fraction of the valuable information Jim shared with us on the day.

We thank Jim very much for all his important work down the years and for his comprehensive presentation on the day.



Roundup of events/services which members would like to have listed in the newsletter.

Healing Workshop - ANAM Holistic Centre, the small workshop space where I hold my own divining workshops and similar courses during the winter months, have planned something extra special for November. We have invited over the experienced and well known Druid author Emma Restall Orr to give a one day workshop on 'Druid Healing Techniques and Practices' in Cassidy's Hotel in Dublin City Centre on Saturday 7th Nov. Emma is very down to earth, genuine and interesting. Her experience ranges from one to one counseling through to the advanced uses of song, and story etc. to compliment different alternative healing practices.

For full details contact Joe Mullally 045-865461

Exhibition - The annual Mind Body Spirit festival will be at the RDS, Dublin from 25th to 27th October next.


A summary of the lecture entitled '48 YEARS EXPERIENCE DIVINING IN THE FIELD'
given to the Society by Mr. Jim Bourke

From his earliest experiments in divining, using a 'man made' stream consisting of a pipe filled with sand and gravel, Jim established that there was a firm mathematical relationship between the flow rate and depth of an underground stream, and the extent of the reaction in a pendulum held in the diviner's hand.

The next stage was to meticulously plot these relationships and examine their nature. This brought many interesting facts to light, including the finding that the much heralded 'Bishop's Rule' for depthing (which states that the distance out to the first sideband reaction from the centre of the stream is equal to the distance of that stream down under the ground) can only be applied reliably, in this original form, to streams at very shallow depths. At depths greater than 10 feet the relationship between actual depth and sideband reaction was found to be more parabolic in nature when plotted, rather than the expected 'straight line' held up by the Bishop's Rule.

While later investigating another method of depthing, the Creeke method (which consists of putting an iron bar into the centre of the stream and moving outward from it until one gets a reaction) Jim was able to establish that the forces being emitted by a stream and picked up by a diviner are electro-magnetic in nature.

The next step was to investigate the pendulum 'positive' and 'negative' reactions for potable and polluted water respectively. This was done by testing pendulum reactions over underground streams near the coast line and then verifying the findings through examination of these water sources where they broke the surface and issued into the sea. Discoloration in the 'negative/black' streams was evidence of contamination of these waters by metals etc., especially iron, magnesium and copper.

Increasingly people were becoming aware of the detrimental health effects associated with black streams under buildings, so Jim's work turned to the effective neutralization of same. The two methods being recommended at that time by the different geopathic stress practitioners were, moving beds etc. out of the divined zones, or inserting metal spikes to divert the line. Jim's own investigations showed up drawbacks with both these 'remedies' so he determined to tackle the problem from a new standpoint.

Working from the electro-magnetic nature of the stream forces, he deduced that such locations would therefore have, by definition, high concentrations of either negative or positive ions, attracted from the surrounding air. The adverse effects of positive ions on the body, particularly the immune system, are well known - and positive ions would be found in large concentrations over negative streams, following the magnetic law of ' the attraction of opposites'. He verified this through his own electroscope research. His solution to the problem was to devise his own method of neutralization based on deflecting negative ions into these hazardous positive ion zones, restoring the balance and thereby canceling out the detrimental effects.

This is achieved by correctly siteing certain materials or light sources in the effected area, as outlined during the absorbing question and answer session and open floor discussion, which immediately followed the lecture.

Our thanks go to Jim for this very informative presentation. Discussions are currently in progress with a view to possibly making Jim's notes available in booklet form.


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