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ANAM Dowsing articles - experiences using the rod and pendulum in practice with contributions, ideas and comments


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Living trees for life

During a divining demonstration at Castle Drogo, Mick Jones, the National Trust Warden for the Teign Valley Properties asked if a dowser could tell when a tree was dying.
Trees have growth and rest periods. This seasonal cycle makes annular rings that are a characteristic feature of all timber. Even experienced foresters may not be absolutely sure whether a tree is actually dying or merely dormant for the winter, until, perhaps, it fails to spring into life later on. Occasionally for a while, a large tree supports some growth from within itself eventhough it is dying.
A dowser should be able to detect, identify, and establish a tree's aura, and thereby know whether it is flurishing or not. Sometimes a living tree is cut down by mistake, one which could have recovered and survived but, once felled, all is revealed and it's too late. This could be prevented with proven divining techniques. There is considerable potential to investigate this, as a
Devon Dowsers' project.......... John Down, Secretary Devon Dowsers

We absolutely agree and sincerely hope that other interested groups will also investigate this worthwhile use of our dowsing skills too.


Map dowsing to locate a new premises

I just had a decent dowsing experience. There was a woman whom I work with who is part of church that has lost the lease on their building. I suggested she bring me some maps of the area and together we could dowse for a new building. She is a very open minded and intuitive person herself and thought this would be worth a try. Well long story short we got 2 strong reactions in two locations. The minister of the church had actual been told of one of my "finds" before by a member of the congregation but had dismissed it thinking there were no buildings in the area. Upon hearing of my locating the same exact area on a map from 20 miles away she was intrigued enough to get in her car and check it out. She called my office yesterday and said she had found the "perfect place" and the only draw back was the expense. She will negotiate that hopefully and the congregation will have a new place of worship.......Fitzy


Finding the right place of rest

We learned some time ago that a diviner friend of ours who lives down the country was called to help in a slightly unusual case. Here in Ireland the vast majority of people are buried in their family plot in the local cemetry when they die. However, until recently there were often scant records of which part of any particular plot had already been used for burials, so it was often up to local people themselves to remember who was buried where.
In this instance unfortunately, relatives of the deceased could not remember which part of their plot was already used. It had been many years since the last burial there and there were no records to help either. So, they called in the diviner who promptly told them after checking the plot with his L rods, where the previous burials were........ Joe & Una


Old vibes from the attic

Recently I was called to a house where geopathic stress was suspected. New owners had purchased the property but despite extensive renovations etc., they could not settle in their new home. At first they put it down to the upset of the building work itself, but when things hadn't improved though the renovations had long since been completed, they decided to explore other ideas. A friend of theirs suggested they investigate 'geopathic stress'.
On calling to the house, I checked for streams and located one small line running through the living area from front to back, which I dealt with. However, I knew this to be of relatively minor significance and there seemed to be a pervading air of sadness and melancholy about the place. Now dowsing for the source of this strong emotional imprint, I found myself in a back bedroom upstairs and asked the owners if there were any articles belonging to the pervious occupier in the attic. It was confirmed that boxes containing hats of the old lady who lived on her own there before it was sold, were indeed in the attic and sitting over this bedroom. The clients further confirmed that "they seemed so sentimentsl and lovely that we couldn't bring ourselves to throw them out, so we left them in the attic."
These hats have since been removed and I had a call from the client just recently remarking that the improvement in the feeling and athmosphere round the house had been "truely amazing" since my call. It's always nice to be of help .... and nice too when people ring back after a visit, to let you know how things worked out. More often one gets feedback through referrals, when someone rings up and says, " you were in Mrs. Jones house and she can't believe the difference since you called. We'd like you to check our house too, when could you come ?".
Worth noting too, how just 'a few old hats' in an attic could establish such a pervading sense of gloom throughout the whole place........... Joe


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