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There are in fact three distinct areas

in Geopathic Stress house clearing work

For a complete space clearing

we must look into them all.

- from Joe's book The Healer's Secret

Geopathic Stress Correction Healing Sick Houses Ireland


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There are in fact

three distinct areas

in house clearing work

for complete space clearing

we must consider them all.


One major problem area is negativity

from geological anomalies and underground water courses in or about buildings.


The two other very important categories are

1 - strong emotional imprints in a place, and

2 - any old 'residual spirit' type energy left in the building


Each successful house clearing looks at all three

When you think about it this makes perfect sense.

We all know that in practice

energy difficulties rarely relate to one simple factor.

And with house clearing

long traditional experience tells us the same thing

It shows us clearly that problems here

come from some combination of the following,

1 - black streams or lines

2 - strong emotional imprints

3 - old residual energies


And what's more...

there is also a correct space clearing sequence

a step by step way to work when clearing each house

to ensure best results


just as each individual is different,

each place is also different

And naturally then,

each clearing is a little different in it's own individual way.


High levels of success come from many years of experience

experience we gain down the years

in all the clearing work we do.


Getting this right

gets house clearing right

and brings the best positive change

to the whole energy of the house - land - workplace involved


Each of the links below takes you for a closer look

at each of the three important areas of work in more detail


Just click on each link here to learn even more

Geopathic Stress Area 1 - magnetic fields how can we neutralise them

Geopathic Stress Area 2 - Emotional Imprints how we can heal them

Geopathic Stress Area 3 - Spirit Presence how we can deal with them


Joe Mullally T Eng is a full time traditional diviner & land healer with 20 Years experience.

He travels all over the country healing various problems with land and place.

Joe is a former chairman of the Irish Society of Diviners

and also holds a T.Eng qualification in Electrical Engineering






Nationwide callout service

Co. Louth, Meath, Dublin, Co. Wicklow, Wexford, County Kildare, Carlow, Kilkenny, Laoise, Offaly, Westmeath and Longford, Waterford, Cork, Kerry, Co. Clare, Limerick and Tipperary, Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon, Donegal, Derry, Antrim, Down, Tyrone, Armagh, Monaghan, Cavan and Fermanagh.


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SOURCE: Interview with Marie Angeline Lascaux on Dublin City FM Radio



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