Saint Brigid

Celtic Goddess

The powerful Brigid tradition in Ireland
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Brighid: Goddess and Saint

In Celtic Ireland we have two Brigids: the ancient Goddess Brigid and the christian Saint Brighid so at Kildare there are two Brigid's wells celebrating solas bride
I've always been surrounded by Brigid, in childhood she was my favourite Christian saint, even my local national school and Catholic Church bore her name. And today she is my beloved mother guide, my heart, my source, and my inspiration. She walks and weaves with me every moment of my life. Brighid, like Quan Yin and Isis among others, is one on the great archetypal mother goddesses, she is so intimate, so personal and private and yet she encompasses so profoundly the wider family, community, environment and all the different levels of the land.
In Her we have a true spiritual mother understanding social justice, co-operation, caring, support, respect and compassion. Her healing mantle spreads out accross all the different traditions and generations promoting understanding and community between peoples and indeed between the whole of humanity and the land itself.