Divining with Rod & Pendulum

Two day workshop Course with certification

Learning the Y rod L rod and Pendulum with Joe Mullally
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Who is it for?

This course is designed to give participants a working understanding of the various methods, tools, and principles of dowsing in a two-day weekend seminar format. Upon completion, participants are equipped to apply new divining methods to their own field of work. It caters to those curious to learn more about divining in general and also those expressly wishing to employ these skills directly in their particular field of interest
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  • What tools are used?

    A comprehensive working knowledge of the three best known divining tools is provided during the course

    If you have your own tools by all means bring them along. This is not requirement however as all tools for the exercises are made available to participants to use throughout the course.

    the simple L rods

    the standard Y rod

    the Diviner's Pendulum.

  • What subjects are covered?

    Brief history of dowsing - the divining personality and attitudes of mind - the three true stages of learning - effective grounding & preparation work - maintaining consistant accuracy - testing for motives - the tools of the trade - using the Y rod and L rods - the language of the pendulum - programming your tools - the healing pendulum - working with energy fields chakras and aura - selecting remedies and flower essences - distance healing with the pendulum - water finding techniques - divining for artifacts, mineral rocks and ores - black stream effects - detecting, combating and correcting geopathic stress - working from a distance - the use of maps, sketches and charts - working with clients - searches - issues of ethics - the practicalities of running a practice - charging for your work - the principles for working in a group - the methods of measurement and estimating - evaluating results - learning through experience - effective self protection - house, space clearing and land clearing techniques - and many other interesting related topics


    Full certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course

  • Practical exercises include...

    using the Y rod

    working with the L rods

    individual Pendulum movements

    selecting healing remedies

    dowsing the aura energy fields

    working with the chakras

    water location outdoors

    water depthing and quality

    remote searching on a map

    using witnesses and samples

    self protection exercise

    effective grounding exercises

    correcting geopathic stress

    space clearing routines

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