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Learning the Y rod L rod and Pendulum with Joe Mullally
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What is Dowsing - Divining

The ancient art of dowsing utilises small automatic movements which occur in our hands to provide invaluable information about practical situations. The various divining tools we use give us the ability to amplify these subtle movements so we can more easily see them. There are two distinct catagories which describe the practical application of traditional divining. The first of these is PHYSICAL DIVINING and the second concerns INTUITIVE DIVINING work.
  • Dowsing & Divining Course with Certification

    This course is designed to give participants a working understanding of the various methods, tools, and principles of dowsing in a two-day weekend seminar format. Upon completion, participants are equipped to apply these divining skills to their own field of work. Each participant recieves a certificate of completion at the end of this course.

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  • Advanced Divining and Healing Workshop

    This Advanced Divining & Healing Workshop is designed to give all those taking part a very special space and time out to connect, learn, and work with techniques and concepts at the leading edge of modern divining & healing practice. This special program also provides an excellent further development forum for those working actively with skills of dowsing, reading or healing and those with a long term interest in these subjects.

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  • Water Divining Location Service

    Ground magnetic changes affect the muscles body senses and co-ordination of the diviner. The advantage of using the divining rod is that these effects are amplified and can be seen more easily. This essentially is how the water diviner works

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  • Geopathic Stress Correction Service

    Geopathic stress in a building usually causes listlessness and feelings of being 'drained' etc. It can contribute to long term health issues.The problems result from our sensitivity to certain geological anomalies in the ground, including the presence of underground water streams and faults.

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Talking with Joe

The Healer's Secret

Five different chapters scattered throughout this book are devoted to teaching and exploring various aspects of the traditional divining arts in great detail

This wonderful book is structured throughout with insights, practices and stories specially selected to guide you in reclaiming the unique personal intuitive heritage you hold within your being. The key reason for it's popularity lies in how gently it coaches you to develop your intuitive wisdom and how strongly it motivates you to introduce your personal spiritual path successfully into every area of your life

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  • Private Sessions

    Sessions with Joe are client specific with access to a wide variety of traditional techniques depending on what is called for in each case

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