Angel Reading

with Joe Mullally

- Angel Therapy Healer
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  • About the Angel Reading

    In my experience, each angel reading that i've given or seen, works as a powerful space both for important advice and spiritual healing. The angels are always keen to point the best way forward in any situation. And getting this clarity shared lovingly by them, is of itself, powerfully stress relieving and healing. An angel card reading is your gift to you. One that gives your angels the best opportunity to relay their advice, divine support and understanding directly to you

  • Spiritually nothing is impossible

    At the spiritual level of the angels nothing is impossible. Nothing is so pre-determined that it cannot be changed. However, everything does happen according to The Divine Plan, not ours. So we gently ask for divine assistance, and trust. Knowing from the bottom of our hearts that our angels will always do everything they can to help us in every way

  • How to book

    Each Angel Card Reading session with Joe lasts one hour

    Readings can take place over the phone or via Skype. You can also make an appointment to see Joe in person at the ANAM Centre if you prefer to do that.

    To book your reading now simply presso the button below

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Angel Meditation with Joe

IMPORTANT: play only where you can relax completely & close your eyes

The Healer's Secret

We all have a traditional life purpose, a spiritual gift, and this book shows you how to rediscover, affirm and empower yours

This wonderful book is structured throughout with insights, practices and stories specially selected to guide you in reclaiming the unique personal intuitive heritage you hold within your being. The key reason for it's popularity lies in how gently it coaches you to develop your intuitive wisdom and how strongly it motivates you to introduce your personal spiritual path successfully into every area of your life

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  • Private Sessions

    Sessions with Joe are client specific with access to a wide variety of traditional techniques depending on what is called for in each case

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