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Who is it for?

Powerful Angel Reading, Healing and Meditation Training Weekend. This weekend program is designed for those wishing to work actively and closely with the Angels living out their own life purpose of service to others. At it's heart, the workshop is a wonderful weekend away giving space for those who join us in this beautiful setting, to deepen their connections and communications on all levels with the angels
Here we get that special opportunity for the angels to inspire us uniquely with the peace and happiness which comes from living a simple open hearted compassionate spiritual life.
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  • Workshop Obectives

    This weekend is designed to move you closer in your connections with the Angelic Realms. It opens you more fully to the divine guidance and direction from the Angels

    Empowering your own life path

    Assisting you in supporting the spiritual lives of others

    Dedicating you in love to your angels and the Divine

    Encouraging you to gently let go and trust the Divine

    Inviting you to listen ever more closely to Angelic Guidance

    Opening and celebrating your true divine nature

    Rediscovering your individually unique 'gifts' of creative expression

    Healing all negative patterns of self judgement, criticism and self sabotage


    Reawakening your own individual unique creative way of being in the world

  • TEN major benefits

    1 - Experience of deeper personal angel meditations

    2 - Practical planning templates for giving your own angel meditations and workshops

    3 - Hands-on Practice in leading angel meditations for others

    4 - Deeper understanding into reading the Angel Cards

    5 - Hands-on experience in facilitating Angel Card Readings for others

    6 - Access to ever deeper levels of personal spirituality under angel guidance

    7 - Practice in facilitating angel directed healing sessions for others

    8 - In compassion & love, methods for distance healing and co-creating positive change

    9 - Advice and tips on networking & setting up your own practice working in this field

    10 - Full Angel Lightwalker Certification on completing the course

  • Practical Exercises

    Throughout the course, you have many oppotunities to explore working under directed angel guidance in a variety of different activities and situations.

    These include

    working with angel cards and oracles

    free form explorations in art and creativity

    spiritual healing, guided writing, working on the aura, chakras and light body

    creating sacred space, healthy boundaries and self protection

    building reliable self confidence, empowering your abundance and self image

    facilitating meditations or private sessions and being of service to others

    along with a feel for the practicalities in setting up your own practice in the field


    This course leads to certification as an Angel Lightwalker for those who wish to receive this certificate. The term Lightwalker speaks very strongly of walking this path of life in simple love and divine trust and encouraging and supporting others to do the same

    Upon completion, participants are encouraged to continue actively working with the angels in their own life and field of work. In this way each of us continues to learn and grow day by day in experience and wellbeing under the direct loving guidance and care of our angels.

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Beautiful One Day Events

Angel Meditation with Joe

IMPORTANT: play only where you can relax completely & close your eyes

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  • Private Sessions

    Sessions with Joe are client specific with access to a wide variety of traditional techniques depending on what is called for in each case

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