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Joe Mullally - Traditional Healer Diviner and Psychic Reader

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Joe Mullally is a traditional healer,

diviner, psychic reader and teacher

healing and teaching from

The ANAM Centre

Tralee Co. Kerry & Blessington Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Joe Mullally has been a practising diviner, psychic reader and healer for over twenty years.


Joe Mullally - Traditional Healer Diviner and Psychic Reader a

A traditional practitioner and teacher, he lives and works from

the ANAM Centre Tralee Co. Kerry and Blessington - just outside Dublin City in Ireland.

Joe is a former chairman of the Irish Society of Diviners

and The 'Irish Psychic Society'

He holds a T.Eng qualification in Electrical Engineering



dowsing and divining, geopathic stress correction, traditional healing,

tantra yoga, meditation, angel healing therapy,

making and using flower essences, land shamanism, shamanic healing,

celtic shamanism practice, land healing & place memory, energy networks of ancient sacred sites.



shamanic training, traditional healing, card reading and palmistry,

angel training, earth healing - working with land and place, life path realization.



Private healing sessions are client specific

often centered around hands on healing, relaxation and motivation

they can also draw on a wide variety of traditional techniques depending on what is called for in each case.

Presenting problems include,

chronic fatigue, phobias, body image issues, unresolved anger/guilt/grief, shock,

physical injuries, bad luck & misfortune, damage to the aura, entities, psychic fears, protection etc.



An angel reading session is a sacred space

where we can truly open and listen to our angels

receiving their direct advice, predictions and support

on those issues which are particularly concerning us.

Joe is a certified ATP (angel therapy practitioner, trained by Doreen Virtue).



Joe has been giving readings

combining the Tarot, the Palm and the pendulum for nearly twenty years.

Problems presenting include the areas of,

relationships, career, romance, money, family, travel,

hidden influences, past lives, spirit guides, aptitudes and abilities,

blocks to true happiness and self expression, etc.



This work is based around traditional divining and shamanic techniques.

Presenting problems include,

coldness in rooms, feelings of being watched, unexplained noises or apparitions,

history of accidents or misfortune,

persistent ill health in people, constant fatigue and tiredness,

unable to settle into a house, repeating cycles and patterns in the history of a place, etc.

Joe Mullally - Traditional Healer Diviner and Psychic Reader b


Some of Joe Mullally's postings on Twitter ....

Once you see all the love you are, every negative thought that comes to mind, gets dissolved by the warmth of your heart

You are so not your story, you are the beautiful loving stillness which listens to ALL stories, compassionately

We are all eternally held in The Divine, by a love & care so vast that we can never be outside it

Daring to be your difference can sometimes be very difficult, but deep inside it always feels amazing

Trust your spirit, feel your passion, walk your talk, persist and you will rise

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For directions to the ANAM Center HOW TO FIND US - click here

The information and insights covered by Joe in his various workshops is laid out in detail

in his popular book on Traditional Healing called The Healer's Secret

Links to this book,

his Shamanic Journey Drumming CD

his various interesting podcasts and interviews

and his full contact details are located in the margins of these pages

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SOURCE: Interview with Marie Angeline Lascaux on Dublin City FM Radio



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