Joe Mullally

Traditional Healer Diviner
Spiritual Teacher

based in rural Ireland
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About Joe

Joe Mullally is a traditional healer, diviner, reader and spiritual teacher based in Ireland
Joe is a former chairman of the Irish Society of Diviners and The 'Irish Psychic Society' He holds a T.Eng in Electrical Engineering

For me life is such a sharing experience, filled with tiny moments which awaken in me and awaken in you more and more of the intuitive wisdom we the each hold inside. I love to encourage and support the peace, joy and happiness that comes when we embrace and simply share our own unique beauty with the world.
All ways of traditional healing recognise difference and celebrate individuality. They are living tradition always moving and learning. And it is so beautiful to move and learn with them. Traditional ways evolve with each generation just as the earth Herself evolves. Our work and practices today continue to be informed by personal insights and individual living experience just as it has always been. There is no one perfect flower, no perfect colour for each one has it's own unique qualities, values and beauty, just as all our various traditions, spiritual paths and personal practices have.
Part of my own life purpose lies in actively encouraging all the mystery, ambiguity, curiosity and inspiration that surrounds traditional wisdom - as it goes on informing, healing and supporting this generation just as it has down the ages.. Living tradition challanges and supports us in equal measure. Fullfilment for me comes from sharing what I know that it may help both awaken and motive your own personal healing abilities, your own inner wisdom. Sharing guides you in discovering your own life purpose and unique beauty of being. Sharing encourages you to live that purpose freely and joyfully in all your full abundance in every single area of your life.

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The Healer's Secret

We all have a traditional life purpose, a gift, and this book shows you how to rediscover, affirm and empower yours

This wonderful book is structured throughout with insights, practices and stories specially selected to guide you in reclaiming the unique personal intuitive heritage you hold within your being. The key reason for it's popularity lies in how gently it coaches you to develop your intuitive wisdom and how strongly it motivates you to introduce your personal spiritual path successfully into every area of your life

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