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Sleeping, working or sitting for long periods

in a geopathic stress line

often leads to

restlessness, tiredness, gloom or ill health etc.


- from Joe's book The Healer's Secret

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When a building is causing ill health or 'non wellness' in people
the most common conclusion is that the building is subject to geopathic stress.

  Geopathic Stress - Healing Sick Houses 1

Spending time in a geopathic stress line - as above - is NOT a good idea


There are in fact three distinct areas to be addressed
in house clearing work

and for satisfactory results we consider to them all.



What is it:

Geopathic stress in a building usually causes listlessness and feelings of being 'drained'

for those working or sleeping in effected areas.

This can contribute to long term health problems of all kinds.

The problems result from our sensitivities

to certain geological anomalies in the ground, including the presence of underground water streams.

In urban areas such underground water courses will normally carry heavy pollution.

This can make their effects much worst

they are known as 'Black Streams' in dowsing terminology.


How do we find it:

The profile of geopathic stress in a building is best located

by going round the perimeter, preferably outside, with 'L rods' or 'Y rod' dowsing tools.

The focus here is on pinpointing any underground water courses etc.

which pass under the premises and can cause us problems..

Once all the exit and entry points

of any streams and lines have been marked,

we proceed inside to work in the same manner

checking in detail each individual room in the house.


How do we correct it:

The traditional correction method which I teach in my courses

I have been using reliably myself for many many years

This work uses small metal rods or small specially made copper coils

accurately divined and neatly concealed on site

to totally move or disperse the geopathic stress from the house.


Where small a metal rod is left in place after the work,

it is neatly concealed far beneath ground level.


Where a small flat copper coil is used, this is neatly concealed

beneath a carpet, under existing shelving or located away in the attic space.


And now the work is completed

the house is free

of these geopathic stress lines

and that normally lasts indefinitely


The traditional methods I employ don't require any machines

nor do you need to carry out any excavation work at all round the house.

Moreover, this same method

has been accurately described and successfully employed

by countless diviners and healers in this work for centuries


Each of the links below takes you for a closer look at

each of the other two important areas for successful house clearing,

to learn more click each link required


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Joe Mullally T Eng is a full time traditional diviner & land healer with 20 Years experience.

He travels all over the country healing various problems with land and place.






Nationwide callout service

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SOURCE: Interview with Marie Angeline Lascaux on Dublin City FM Radio



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