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with Joe Mullally - traditional shaman healer & diviner
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This is a series of three two day workshop weekends with certification dealing with the basic tenets and principles of traditional shamanic practice. We explore the inner worlds of the shaman in guided meditation journeying with drum and song to meet various guides, animal helpers and spirit teachers. We explore different modalities of traditional healing and we reclaim our ancestral practices for restoring and promoting harmony between people and the land
People feel called to look into the shamanic path for many reasons. It is deeply spiritual path connecting with the old traditions, the land and the ancestors. These traditions are reshaped and revitalized by those of us who, in each succeeding generation, choose to work with them. They bring great healing, peace and understanding to our ever changing world.

An anthropologist is working deep in the Rain Forest cataloguing the traditions and daily life of a little known tribe for his studies. He is determined to learn as much as possible about their way of life and healing secrets. One of his reports outlines how he’s living with this remote community when one day at twelve o’clock a native medicine man strolls into the settlement from a village three days walk away. An hour later a man in the settlement dies.
This man has been sick for less than a day and here he dies a short time after our medicine man sets foot in the place.
The anthropologist is amazed of course, especially when it turns out that the visitor is the local specialist in death ceremonies. Mystified he can’t figure out how this man could know three days earlier – a full two days before the villager even became ill - that he must set out for this settlement as his services will be required.
To the scientific mind it truly does seem a very remarkable feat.
You see, in bygone days the idea of being psychic and it’s related abilities were a 'matter of fact'. They were part of a whole intuitive way of living. People actively looked out for them and actively cultivated them like any other skill, especially within families. If John was a very well known healer for instance, everybody in the community would be waiting to see who it passed down to in his family. And he himself learned a great deal about his own nature from his living ancestors right there in the place where he lived. He readily shared all this with those of the next generation who needed to know it. It was no big deal back then; today it’s not so easy.
Most of us today are taught that these abilities don’t even exist and many of our families have lost or largely forgotten their links to this past. And you won’t learn of these things simply by following new age courses and programs either. Intuitive awareness at these levels is not a new age phenomenon, it is an age old traditional one.
Those unique individual psychic abilities that both intrigue and plague you at the same time don't grow out of finely tuned cosmic exercise programs, they come down in you through your family genes through the ancestors in your soul. They play in you as a child and they exasperate you as an adult. The greatest assistance any workshop can give you here lies in how much it helps you remember and reclaim these abilities for your own.
To do this effectively teaching must be rooted in the traditional way of life for that's where the keys to all these memories lie. Down the generations countless shamans, psychics, diviners, readers and healers of every creed and practice lovingly followed and cherished their tradition, often at great peril for their own lives and those of their close family in the process. Tradition was central, fundamental and essential to their whole way of life. Well their traditions, their determination, their genes and their abilities are all still here. They are simmering away gently in you and in me, in all of us; they long to bubble out and play once more on the surface.
The sad thing today is that for the most part the last few generations have denied all these things completely.
They opted for the strictly scientific concrete way of life instead. Because of this much precious family knowledge has not come down to us in this time. But the good news is that we carry it's whole nature and wisdom still here right inside. And the traditional keys to reclaim and develop it are also still very much alive. A rich trove of traditional skills and techniques has made it down through all the ages intact and remains openly in use today by both secular and traditional communities alike. The light of traditional intuitive knowledge we require still twinkles brightly here. All you require is a little bit of guidance on what to look for. So I invite you to share with me the fascinating journey in a workshop of rediscovering your personal intuitive nature

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