Introduction to Shamanism

and Shamanic Journey Work

with Joe Mullally - traditional shaman healer & diviner
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Who is it for?

This is a wonderful one-day introduction workshop exploring the fascinating techniques and worldview of the traditional shaman. Whether you are just curious about shamanism or feel a deep calling inside to the traditional ways, this program gives you a starting point, a first look, a unique opportunity to spend a day learning more about this amazing path.
Journey using the traditional methods of drum and song to meet your spirit guides, animal helpers and spirit teachers. Learn first hand how to enter and travel in the traditional spirit worlds

Talking with Joe

The Healer's Secret

We all have a traditional life purpose, a gift, and this book shows you how to rediscover, affirm and empower yours

This wonderful book is structured throughout with insights, practices and stories specially selected to guide you in reclaiming the unique personal intuitive heritage you hold within your being. The key reason for it's popularity lies in how gently it coaches you to develop your intuitive wisdom and how strongly it motivates you to introduce your personal spiritual path successfully into every area of your life

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    Sessions with Joe are client specific with access to a wide variety of traditional techniques depending on what is called for in each case

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