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Dowsing, divining and related subjects



The Divining Mind. Articles on the diverse uses of the pendulum, charts, ides, exercises, and a catalogue of high quality pendulums to boot - run by Chris Gozdzik.


The Canadian Society of Dowsers A non-profit organization that promotes the ancient art of divining in its many forms, including: Dowsing for water, minerals, ley lines, and ancient ruins. Seeking for lost or stolen goods, missing persons, and answers to personal queries. Radiesthesia to assist in good health by identifying allergies, determining supplements such as vitamins and minerals, and locating sources of disease.


The British Society of DowsersHomepage of The British Society of Dowsers. The society was formed in 1933, to spread information amongst members and the public on the use and value of dowsing in all its forms, and to keep register of practising dowsers. It continues to be one of the world's best known reference points for dowsing and divining assistance and information.


Digital Dowsing Page - methods and tips The well maintained invaluable dowsing resource pages run by Jackie Reid, offering a host of links to special interest articles, forums, groups, services and societies in divining and related fields.



Holistics, shamanism and alternative healing related links


Indie Shaman Indie Shaman is a UK based organisation run by June Kent offering a magazine, support, training and information on Shamanism and on living a Shamanic lifestyle


The Healing Spectrum This Canadian based site maintained by Diane Marcotte carries a vast range of links and information on resources that support healing in all its aspects. Both Alternative and Allopathic Medicine are profiled, as well as other disciplines that can be used to promote healing.


Swift Search Ireland neat search facility for looking up healing references in Ireland, or any other subject for that matter..



Interesting sites on other fascinating subjects! - Celebrity Search Engine If you're looking for information on celebrity contact details or webpages etc . this is the search facility you need.


Icarus - Environment Watch Ireland The ever alert watchdog on environmental issues in Ireland.


An Fainne The up to date information and resource reference for those interested in earth based spiritual traditions in Ireland.


Ireland and Things Irish A most comprehensive collection of (approaching 3000!) links to Ireland and things Irish. Links to everything you ever wanted to know about Ireland (eer .... well almost) past and present, can be found here - from information on charities and accommodation through to the diaspora and shopping. This one is definitely worth a visit if you are at all interested in Irish resources on the Net.


Irish Genealogy of Connacht Clans An extensive resource site for those tracing family roots in the West of Ireland, run and maintained by Colleen Gilligan. The information is wide and varied, from detailed name/address references for local parish searches through to a range of links to topics of more general Irish interest


Earthgate A new 'earth awareness' and 'spiritual consciousness' focused site on the net.


Creative Health Institute is an accredited educational center in Arizona, USA run by Caitlin Kimbrell. The Institute offers educational programs, including distance learning, and individual consultations and assessment based on principals of Practical Healthcare and 'Spirit & Earth' cultivation. This includes Herbal Food principles, Herbology, movement, and Meridian Therapy (needling and/or pressure work).


Spiritual Network - Your Spiritual Information Resource... The Spiritual Network the internet's premier site for finding spiritual website and related information. Find Astrologers, Alternative Healers, Palm Readers, Psychics, Spiritual Retreats and Education...

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