How to Use The Pendulum

Learning Dowsing and Divining

with Joe Mullally - Traditional healer and diviner
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How does dowsing work

There are many practical reasons why looking into traditional divining skills is so fruitful. One of these is how useful they can be in such everyday situations. Another is that in looking at these skills you can separate out the two different strands of felt sense tradition, so you can more clearly see them and understand the differences between the two.
The first of these strands involves a purely physical divining. This one relates to things like water divining for instance, where the physical body has a physical reaction due to the physical water stream under the ground. There's nothing expressly psychic involved in this scenario.
The second strand is the totally intuitive type of working and this is clearly seen when searching for a missing person on a map, or going down a list of names to select the right remedy. Here the intuition is very directly involved. It is often helpful to separate these two aspects from each other so you can look at the two separately. The information you get from this is of great assistance in improving your accuracy and so forth in both cases.
  • Getting Started

    If we approach pendulum dowsing as a 'conversation with the intuition' then our first step is to set up and agree a mutually understood language for this dialogue. Getting this part right is the key to obtaining reliable information from dowsing. We must bear in mind that we are dealing with the subconscious mind which has little critical faculty and so, everything we ask and say to it will be taken literally. For instance, in the UK one time, a hypnotised subject obeyed her hypnotist's instruction to go 'straight back to her seat in the audiance' to the letter, and promptly walked off the front of the stage (not thinking to go by the side stairs ) with tragic consequences. This is how literally the subconscious takes suggestions and this is why it is so important to 'get our language right'. The attention, time and patience we give to this one factor, will have a crucial impact on our working results. The considered effort we put into planning the language and defining the terms we use will, itself helps instill precision in our minds even before we put the results into practise. And the more we attend to such preparations, the more we and our intuition come to learn about and understand eachother. Our first step to opening communications lies in finding our pendulum YES and NO and DON'T KNOW responses.

    If you already use the pendulum stay with your own method. Never change from what already works for you - 'if it aint broke, don't fix it!'. Readers new to dowsing may like to follow the startup method given here. Some teachers advise you train the pendulum to give specific responses, I am from the school prefer if you ask the pendulum for it's own natural movements in each case instead.

  • Train your Response

    Allow your pendulum (any small weight attached to a line) to hang down with three to four inches of line length, pinched between the thumb and first finger of your dominant hand. Begin by consciously swinging it toward and away from you, then letting your hand remain still so the tool continues to swing on it's own. This is called the NEUTRAL or 'ready' position. If the motion slows simply swing it consciously again before relaxing your hand once more to leave it on it's own. Now, ask a question in your mind to which you know the answer is a definite YES and direct the pendulum mentally to show you your YES response. If you observe all this passively and relaxed for a time, eventually the pendulum will change it's motion 'on it's own' usually forming a circle ( either clockwise or anti - clockwise ) or swinging to and fro in a different direction to the NEUTRAL. This new motion is your YES response and once you have agreed it with your pendulum, it will always remains the same. Next, stop the pendulum and CLEAR it by grasping the line near the suspension point, with the thumb and first finger of your 'free hand' and by pulling them lightly down along the line, 'stroking the line' from top to bottom. You repeat this a few times while emptying your mind of previous questions and thoughts. When all is clear, you may move on to repeat the same questioning procedure again, getting your NO and finally your DON'T KNOW responses in the same fashion. Remember to CLEAR your pendulum and your mind, after each new question you ask. If for some reason you find that this exercise is not working out for you at your first attempt, leave the pendulum aside and start again in a few hours time. Should your pendulum continually refuse to provide a 'natural' response for any of the three 'answers' then, in this case, you may train it to move any way you choose to indicate that particular 'answer'. This is done by moving the pendulum in the desired motion while mentally affirming that this is the response you require. This may then be tested by asking a question and verifying the pendulum now autonmatically adopts the 'learned' response you showed it. write out your definition for each term you intend to use in your divining work. For instance, if you intend checking for allergies using your pendulum, it is vital to agree exactly what you mean by 'an allergy' to a substance. Do you want the pendulum to show up any substance which has ever or will ever 'disagree' with the person. Are transient 'sensitivities' which might last for only a short time, to be included in the term also - or will you use a separate term ( such as the'sensitivity' word itself ) to cover these. Give these things a lot of thought, spell them out, refine them well so you get them precise and right, for this will serve as the foundation for your future dowsing work. Many times when the dowsing faculty seems to be unreliable the remedy lies in redefining our terms and questions correctly.

  • Program and Practice

    ask your pendulum if it is ready at this time to have you input the terms and conditions you've settled upon, and provided you get a YES response, read the terms aloud as your pendulum continues in your YES response. When the list is finished, say so, indicating also that these conditions are to remain in force without change unless and until you modify them by going throught the above procedure again. Your pendulum will then return ot the NEUTRAL response pattern.

    When your YES and NO and DON'T KNOW responses have been agreed and your TERMS and CONDITIONS have been securely input, you may move on to train and exercise your new skill over the next ten days. Each day sit in a quiet place, take out your pendulum, breath deeply and relax your body and mind. Ask your pendulum ten questions, the answers of which are known to you, allowing the instrument to reply to you using the 'agreed' responses in each case. Exercise for no longer than ten minutes on each day. In dowsing we always get our best results when our minds are relaxed and fresh. Continuous practice, especially for beginners, beyond ten minutes leads rapidly to fatigue and a marked deterioration in success rates. At the end of this ten day program, you can proceed to ask the pendulum any questions you wish. Providing always that you relax in the correct frame of mind, that your questions are precise complying with your agreed terms and conditions - that your intuition has access at some level to the information requested - and also that receiving such information will be in accordance with your own personal ethical and moral code, then you will be given the answer. Getting a DON'T KNOW response indicates that the question as asked, poses a problem in some of the areas above. Even when this occurs, one can usually ask and determine the precise area and reason for the lack of response without much difficulty. We must work with the pendulum regarding it as our friend. We must respect it's decision sometimes not to make the dowsing faculty available or to refuse answers to specific questions. One must appreciate that 'pushing for answers' instead of letting things happen at their own pace destroys any chance of cultivating a reliable practice.

  • Dowsing & Divining Course with Certification

    This course is designed to give participants a working understanding of the various methods, tools, and principles of dowsing in a two-day weekend seminar format. Upon completion, participants are equipped to apply these divining skills to their own field of work. Each participant recieves a certificate of completion at the end of this course.

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  • Advanced Divining and Healing Workshop

    This Advanced Divining & Healing Workshop is designed to give all those taking part a very special space and time out to connect, learn, and work with techniques and concepts at the leading edge of modern divining & healing practice. This special program also provides an excellent further development forum for those working actively with skills of dowsing, reading or healing and those with a long term interest in these subjects.

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  • Water Divining Location Service

    Ground magnetic changes affect the muscles body senses and co-ordination of the diviner. The advantage of using the divining rod is that these effects are amplified and can be seen more easily. This essentially is how the water diviner works

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  • Geopathic Stress Correction Service

    Geopathic stress in a building usually causes listlessness and feelings of being 'drained' etc. It can contribute to long term health issues.The problems result from our sensitivity to certain geological anomalies in the ground, including the presence of underground water streams and faults.

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The Healer's Secret

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    Sessions with Joe are client specific with access to a wide variety of traditional techniques depending on what is called for in each case

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