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A Healer healing in Ireland


Joe Mullally is a traditional diviner, healer and teacher healing based in Tralee Co Kerry

and Blessington Co Wicklow, Ireland



 Healer Healing Ireland a


Joe is a former chairman of the Irish Society of Diviners

and The 'Irish Psychic Society' 


GROUP WORKSHOPS: dowsing and divining, the healing pendulum, angel therapy, making and using flower essences, shamanism, shamanic healing, tantra yoga, geopathic stress, place memory, ancient sacred sites. See also our Dowsing Courses Section


INDIVIDUAL TUITION APRENTICESHIPS: shamanic training, traditional healing, card reading and palmistry, angel therapy, land healing, life purpose. See also our Shamanism Section




PERSONAL HEALING SESSIONS: Private healing sessions are client specific and though usually based around hands on healing, they can also draw on a wide variety of traditional techniques depending on what is called for in each case. Presenting problems include, chronic fatigue, phobias, body issues, unresolved anger/guilt/grief, shock, physical injuries, bad luck, damage to the aura, entities, psychic fears, etc.


HOUSE/LAND HEALING: This work is based around traditional divining and shamanic techniques. Presenting problems include, coldness in rooms, feelings of being watched, unexplained noises or apparitions, history of accidents or misfortune, persistent ill health in people, constant fatigue and tiredness, unable to settle into a house, repeating cycles and patterns in the history of the place, etc. See also our Geopathic Stress Section




ANGEL READING: An angel reading session is a sacred space where we can truly open and listen to our angels receiving their direct advice, predictions and supportive on those issues which are particularly concerning us. Joe Mullally is a certified ATP (angel therapy practitioner, trained by Doreen Virtue). See also the ANAM Angel Therapy Section


TAROT, PALM & PENDULUM: Joe has been giving readings combining the Tarot, the Palm and the pendulum for nearly twenty years. Problems presenting include the areas of, relationships, career, romance, money, family, travel, hidden influences, past lives, spirit guides, aptitudes and abilities, blocks to true happiness and self expression, etc.

The information and insights covered by Joe in his magical workshops is now also available in his latest work on Traditional Healing and Dowsing called The Healer's Secret


To check out the complete book The Healer's Secret Click Here



ADDRESS: The ANAM Centre, Manor Kilbride, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

TEL: 00-353-(0)45-865461

MOBILE: 00-353-(0)86-8156609




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