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Space Clearing

The use of shamanic techniques in space clearing practice


 space clearing

In General:

The most common reason earth healers are requested to do a house clearing is the suspicion that the building may be subject to geopathic stress. However there are in fact at least three distinct areas to be addressed in house clearing work and for satisfactory results we must attend to them all. Shamanic techniques and related practices - which are themselves the net result of eons of dialogue and interaction between various indigenous peoples and the land - connect us today with these traditional systems and traditions, informing so much of our understanding and awareness in our work with land and place.... One of the problem areas we investigate when dealing with 'sickness of place' is indeed the debilitating effects related to geological anomalies and underground water courses in or about buildings. The other two categories however, relate to strong emotional imprints in a place, and what can loosely be called 'spirit' presence. When working in houses we search for all three of these factors and build up an overall picture by taking them together. Difficulties in dwellings are seldom straightforward. They tend more often to derive from various combinations of influence rather than neatly fitting into one category or another. Moreover, there is usually a natural sequence by which we should proceed. For instance, it is strongly recommended in situations where 'spirit presence' is encountered, that this aspect be attended to first, before moving on to apply any corrective measures indicated for geopathic stress anomalies found.  


Geopathic Stress:

Geopathic stress in a building usually causes listlessness and feelings of being 'drained' for those working or sleeping in effected areas. This can contribute to long term health problems of all kinds. The profile of geopathic stress in a building is best located by going round the perimeter, preferably outside, with 'L rods' or 'Y rod' dowsing tools. The focus here is on pinpointing any underground water courses etc. which pass under the premises. Once the exit and entry points of such anomalies have been established and marked, we can proceed inside to work in the same manner through the individual rooms themselves. In this instance, it normally suffices to work on the ground floor only since the geological profile plotted here will obviously be reflected directly overhead, the same points, on each of the other floors as we go up the building. It is better for most of us to use 'rods' rather than a pendulum during this on-site location work, particularly when inside buildings. Pendulums can be so very sensitive - picking up the slightest inflexions in energies - that using one can make it next to impossible to get a fix on the exact source of the anomalies we find. Your pendulum may insist on deftly responding to the myriad reflected patterns which such energies invariably establish throughout the premises in addition to genuine line patterns which will all only serve to confuse things. There are a number of methods currently in use for dealing with lines themselves, when we find them. The method I most often use myself entails moving or dispersing the 'concentrated energy fields' associated with such lines, by means of metal rods inserted or manipulated in precise locations dictated by the energy paths. Sometimes these rods must be left in place after the work while in other circumstances they can be removed and taken away.    


Emotional Imprints:

Emotional imprints in a building are most commonly felt in it's atmosphere, and through definite changes in our feelings as we pass from room to room. Though we rarely stop to think upon it, we encounter subtle changes of this nature between different rooms in practically every house we enter, but it is only in circumstances where such feelings are dramatic and overwhelming, that corrective action to disperse them is necessary. For instance, if a room in the house has been used for a long unhappy convalescence - more especially where the person subsequently died there - this of itself may leave residual pervading feelings of melancholy or coldness in the room. In other instances, we might trace such an overwhelming atmosphere to a specific item of clothing or furniture perhaps. Sometimes 'charged' items generate discomfort in a room, or indeed throughout the whole house, as a direct result of their own 'held' memories of the past. Most certainly, we should all cherish our many mementos, treasuring them for the happy memories they bring us, but it is equally the case that sometimes an item can be carrying an equally strong negative 'unhappy vibe.' Emotional imprints are examined and deciphered very accurately using simple shamanic techniques, since such practices connect us so fundamentally to land and place. In this way items or room spaces with particular difficulties quickly show up to us, often with flashbacks to past traumas or intense feelings of confusion, misunderstanding, melancholy or whatever. And indeed we may go much further in this practice, making contact with the spirit of the house or place itself and listening to it's story. We may be privileged to share with that spirit, creating greater understanding and awareness between the land/place itself and the people who live there. We can choose to clear staleness and atmospheres from room spaces using the drum or rattle. Further help may be enlisted from incense, sage or purified scented water. And to finish, perhaps we are prompted to sing some traditional or impromptu song, one that re-establishes and celebrates the life force and vitality of the place, moving it to reach out and touch us in return, blessing us with it's spirit and it's own song. Where problems in rooms are caused by specific items, these too may be cleansed using our own preferred ritual methods, or alternatively the offending items can be removed from the premises completely.  


Spirit Presence - Haunting:

Spirit presence most usually make itself felt through sudden changes in the sensation of a place. We may experience sudden dramatic feeling which come and go. There may be sensations of being watched. A sudden cold breeze may appear from nowhere. We may glimpse something out of the corner of our eye, but when we look again isn't there. Things may even go 'bump' in the night, there might be unexplained odors and smells, or we might actually feel something touch or brush up against us. And just as there are a myriad of different manifestations here, there are also many different sources of such disturbances including discarnate soul parts, earth spirits, elementals, etc. Shamanic journeying practice can be employed to determine what 'spirits' or entities are present in a house, and the same techniques are also used in deciding the course of action to be taken. There are many different ways of working with the situations we find. Each healer's method must be firmly based in their own particular experience, background and abilities. It must be the result of their own individual training and practice - for this work carries with it a great onus of responsibility and is intimately informed by our own genuine human respect, personal honesty and simple reverence for what we do. It is never sufficient to imitate the rituals, methods or practices of another, no matter how impressive they seem to be. Each healer's individual distinctive practice grows from within - based firmly in their own work and understanding of self. Shamanic training builds strong relationships with guides, spirit helpers, animals and teachers. It also ruthlessly faces us with who we are. Our helpers and spirits work closely with us in all we do, indeed, if we find ourselves called to work in this area, it is they who have lead us here in the first place. They remind us constantly that any work we undertake first requires understanding. So, we always begin by making connection with place and remaining open, listening to what comes through, allowing the place to touch us in it's own time and tell us it's own story. Often in fact, so much of the healing process itself lies in the very act of listening to this story. The healing power in open acknowledgement, in a genuine sharing of past troubles, in the relief that comes from a simple act of relating our situation to another who is willing to listen and genuinely concerned, is very far reaching indeed. And if, for instance, earth bound soul parts are involved, our participation may lie in raising awareness and understanding, in easing confusion and fear. Our guides may bring someone in spirit to them - someone who was perhaps already waiting for them but whom they could not see nor recognize before now, for some reason. In this way a soul part may be encouraged to move on. But each situation here is entirely unique, we must first seek understanding and always act from there, if action there need be. Shamanic practice is eminently suited to this work. Many times we may be prompted to do things which seem unusual or irrelevant in the rational sense. However this merely serves to reaffirm all the more, that importance of seeking clear understanding before moving on to act in such situations.  


In Conclusion:

In resolving difficulties of place we find ourselves so often working with the relationship between that place and the people who live there. Shamanism speaks the instinctive primal language of nature and place so well. It's wisdom has evolved through indigenous peoples over countless thousands of years and comes down to us in their present day practices, mythologies, and ritual techniques. Here is the traditional repository since ancient times, for the study of the land and man's interaction with place. It has so much to teach us about the earth and it's language, about our own true nature, and - not least - about what 'truly relating' in itself really means. It teaches us patience. And we must be patient, for the land can only speak to us in it's own time and in it's own way. The waiting, however, is always more than worth it. When place does eventually reach out to us and touch us - sharing it's story and it's unique understanding with us - it lights our very nature, informing our work with that fresh new clarity and awareness which is impossible to obtain in any other way.


space clearing


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