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dowsing courses

Joe Mullally


Dowsing Courses

Courses on dowsing & divining with 

rod and pendulum run by Joe Mullally in Ireland


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 ANAM dowsing courses and holidays are designed to give participants a working understanding of dowsing with rod and pendulum - including various methods, tools, and principles of dowsing practices through our practical hands - on programs

The Dowsing Course

Two day weekend seminar/workshop - with certification - for learning the divining art

The course objective: This course is designed to give participants a working understanding of the various methods, tools, and principles of dowsing in a two-day weekend seminar format.
Upon completion, participants are equipped to apply these divining skills to their own field of work and they continue to increase their experience through their own work and their contacts with other diviners. Each participant recieves a certificate of completion at the end of this course. 

Who should attend: The course is designed for those wishing to learn and employ divining skills in their particular field of work. It is suitable for newcomers to this exciting art. It is also extremely helpful to those who already know the basic techniques but who could get much greater benefit from their skills by exploring the subject further, in this formal and structured way. Ours is a hands on course of 'how it's done', rather than a think tank on 'why it happens'. 

What tools were used: A comprehensive working knowledge of the three best known divining tools is provided during the course, these are; 
- the simple L rods, the standard Y rod, and the most versatile tool of them all, the Diviner's Pendulum. 

Subjects we cover: Brief history of dowsing - the divining personality and attitudes of mind - the three true stages of learning - effective grounding & preparation work - the tools of the trade - the language of the pendulum - the healing pendulum - water finding techniques - black stream effects - detecting, combating and correcting earth energy stress - mineral rocks and ores - working from a distance - the use of maps, sketches and charts - when asked to work for others - searches - issues of ethics - the principles for working in a group - the methods of measurement and estimating - evaluation and continued learning through experience - house/space clearing techniques, and many other related issues. 

Practical working: Using the Y rod, L rods and Pendulum for; - basic techniques and first principles - the healing therapies - water location outdoors, depthing and quality - searching with maps and using witnesses - adapting standard techniques to suit specialist applications - geopathic stress work

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The Space Clearing Course

This is a two-day workshop on designated weekends here at our centre, exploring in depth the energies and healing powers of Mother Earth. It teaches the procedures for house clearing and for creating sacred space.

Brief idea of the concept: The Mother Earth concept is found throughout ancient mythology. It is a very powerful model from which to develop and deepen our relationship and understanding of the true spirituality imminent in all nature. In this workshop we make intimate contact with these deep insights and powerful energies that enrich and sustain all of us, through shared ritual, visualization and guided path working techniques. This opens for us once again our natural way of relating with the Earth herself and with all nature. We then move on - developing from this our procedures for house clearing (energies or spirits), and for creating sacred space, peace gardens etc, working with the spirits of place. In the first part of the program, individual aspects of nature are visited in turn, to contact the energy, insights and healing unique to each one. In the second part, we move on to cover some of the many special features born of the relationships between them. Finally, we provide detailed guidelines for working with spirits of place and the land, for house clearing, for creating sacred space and for many other purposes. 

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Participants of this workshop will normally have already completed our above course Divining with Rod and Pendulum first, or already have a good working practical experience in dowsing/divining or related fields. 

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